The Charm Of Luxurious Rolex Antique Watches (I)

Except for Rolex Daytona “Paul Newman”, the elaborate watch Rolex Dato-Compax Jean-Claude Killy (Ref.6236) is the other well-known Rolex watches with celebrity charm. All the time, Rolex has a good relationship with sporty field. Jean-Claude Killy is the world famous skier.

Jean-Claude Killy wears the retro Rolex Dato-Compax “Jean-Claude Killy” watch.
Jean-Claude Killy

The splendid copy Rolex watch once he wore is made from polished stainless steel and has silvery dial. The watch has three chronograph sub-dials, month window at 1 o’clock and year window at 11 o’clock. The most special feature is the date display on the outer side of the dial matched with hand, which plays an important role and add retro feeling to the watch, making an impression.

The white gold Rolex Datejust watch has charming lapis lazuli dial.
White Gold Fake Rolex Datejust Watch With Lapis Lazuli Dial

Rolex Datejust is the most common daily watch. This collection is the model of sturdy and durable watch. The fine replica watches is simple in designs but superb in functions. They have perpetual charm. And they are the ideal choice for any event. If the watch has some highlights, it will be more appealing, like the white gold watch with lapis lazuli dials. I believe that you must fall in love with the amazing watch. It don’t have hour marks. It only have white gold hands and large date windows at 3 o’clock.

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