Introduction Of Rare CA Rolex Replica Watches With California Dials

The definition of the California Dial is simple. The hour markers will tell you which watches could be called as California Dials: half are with Roman numerals and half are Arabic numerals. Specifically speaking, the hour markers from 10 to 2 are Roman numerals while from 4 to 8 are Arabic numerals. The design of 4, 6, 9, 12 is different on different models.

The unique dial with Roman numerals and Arabic numerals hour markers has been called as California dial.
Oystersteel Bracelet Copy Rolex Watch

The watch brands which are with the close relationship with the California Dial are Rolex and Panerai. As early as in 1934, the perfect fake Rolex began to manufacture the watches with California dial – ref.3595, which was the cool antique Rolex. Some people may think it was small according to the standard of modern watches, but it is really unique and attractive.

The timepiece with distinctive design is popular among the watch collectors.
Gold Case Rolex Oyster Fake Watch

Why are the dials called California Dial? No one knows and the answers are all speculated by the watch lovers all over the world. But it is confirmed that the distinctive knockoff watches were really popular in California at that time.

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